Sterling Silver
Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. The minimum millesimal fineness is 925. Clean with sterling silver liquid cleanser or a dry polishing cloth, both of which are available on -- just make sure the liquid cleanser does not hurt other materials on your piece (i.e. pearls, sponge coral, grass, porous materials, etc.).

Gold Filled
Gold filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded to brass. High quality gold filled pieces have the look, luster, and beauty of real 14K gold. Gold filled can be cleaned by soaking in warm water and hand soap. dry carefully not to bend the metal.

Brass usually loses it shine with regular wear. To keep your brass pieces shinning always like new, clean with “Brasso for Brass” or with a Brass Dip Cleaner. Wash in water and pat dry.

Real Leaves dipped in Metal
The leaves are fragile, as they are all with a base of a real leaf inside. Please handle with care. Try storing your leaf pieces inside individual bags, protected from air. If your leaves lose their shine, simply wash them in water with mild soap and pat dry. If you have a jewelry dip cleaner, they are the best cleaner for the leaves.

Loops On Wire
Our pieces made with sterling and gold filled wire such as our large hoop earrings and pendants are made with a lighter gauge wire in order to avoid them from being too heavy and are therefore more fragile. please keep them safe and store against a flat area so that they do not bend.

Golden Grass from Brazil
All golden grass pieces are hand-woven, so, watch out for wear and tear, especially if you “rub” the pieces in any material for extended periods of time. Be careful not to wet the pieces, especially with salt water.

Suede or Leather
Please be careful with your leather as it might become more fragile with use -- avoid pulling on since it could tear.

Gems can be soaked in warm water to clean from day to day chemicals such as hair spray or perfume. some materials such as red coral may lose some colouring -- these could have been colour enhanced in order to bring out the natural hue of the material